Road Trip to Las Vegas and Arizona Trip 2013

My own experience from Reno to Arizona:

Day 1:

  • We started on June 19th at morning 10:00AM with a cup of star bucks coffee, with full gas just had filled at Costco. We set our GPS with shortest route preference to destination to Las Vegas, NV. Our goal was to reach Vegas in between 6 to 7PM.
  • After we drove about 3 hours we directed to take a side route which is not a highway, we drove like 18 miles, there was a paved road. We took that and drove about 7 to 8 miles, we were ended up in a dessert, we found out that because of our short route preference the GPS navigated to that place. We were kind of scared and ate some fruits and snacks and looked our gas bar. It was showing that we could go like 40 miles.
  • We reversed our van back and with the help of small land marks like small black mounts and red dirt, we were able to find our way back to highway 95 and changed our GPS route preference to short route with highways.
  • Finally we came to Tonopah, NV at around 2:00PM including missed routes and rest room breaks. We ate our lunch, filled the gas again and started driving at around 3:00PM and reached to Las Vegas at around 7:00PM.
  • Since we already booked our hotel though internet, we came to the hotel, ate dinner and rested well that night.
  • Visit the website below to book your tickets, It is really cool and  you can get a hotel room for  cheaper prices.


Day 2:

  • We started our second 06/20/2013 day around 9:00AM with good breakfast and a cup of star bucks coffee to explore Vegas in day time. We parked our car at Luxor casino and roamed inside casino then took the tram to Mandalay Bay hotel then from there we went to Excalibur and went back to our car.
  • We took the car and went to  Bellagio hotel. We parked the car and took the bridge to Paris Paris, New York New York hotels, did some shopping and enjoyed awesome interior designs inside each casino. Since it was hot outside, we stayed inside the casinos and enjoyed the shops and amusement centers.
  • Got tired and went back to hotel again and rested enough.  We didn’t want to miss the Vegas night beauty and life, so we started again and walked on Las Vegas Boulevard strip and enjoyed the musical water fountain. Must see the Vegas strip at night. Strip filled with tourists, lights, music, food, shops and etc. Finally we drove the strip more than 2 times from one end to other and went back to hotel and rested well.



Day 3:

  • As usual we started at 9:00AM with good McDonalds breakfast and cup of star bucks coffee and started driving towards hoover dam. We reached there at 11:00AM and walked the bridge, It is very beautiful and must see the construction and the view. Then we booked the 12:00PM tour and watched a documentary film on how it was made, and then  saw the power generators that are constructed all the way down
  • We ate lunch and started driving to see the west rim of Grand Canyon, setup our GPS to go west rim.
  • We missed the route and arrived to Kingman and stopped at gas station and asked the salesman, He gave us a map then again we setup the GPS and started driving on route 66, then after an hour we realized that we were not in the right path and stopped at a Indian gift shop and asked him, he said we were completely in wrong direction and he also said that GPS always navigates there for the west rim. Got disappointed for a while but route 66 is a historic route and very beautiful, we really enjoyed this scenic route even though we missed the west rim completely.
  • We changed the GPS to navigate us North rim of Grand Canyon and reached to Williams between 6:00PM to 7:00PM. We didn’t book our hotel, so we were looking for hotels and final got at the 3rd try. Since it was Friday was little bit hard to get a hotel.

Tips:  Be prepare for the trip with good maps, Google or MapQuest directions.

Research all the blogs website that relates to your trip.

Fill gas tank and get some snacks and drinks before you start




Day 4:

  • We started from Williams to Grand Canyon, took around an hour.  We walked through the forest and stayed there until sunset. Grand Canyon is amazingly beautiful. Must see grand canyon during sunset.
  • But after my trip I heard that the route from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon is really beautiful but we missed it. We couldn’t cover well enough to see Grand Canyon. To enjoy the beauty of it, we need to stay more days I guess.


You can enjoy watching my video at youtube. This is a photo slide show.

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