Road Tip to Oregon, Washington, and Canada: Part 3: Canada

Day 11:

  • We took a ferry from Anacortes to Sidney near Victoria in Vancouver Island. Must take the ferry, the travel  is very beautiful with all the small small Islands.

We booked our hotel one night before through the following website.

  • We went to our hotel, refreshed and took some rest. Then we started our journey to explore downtown Victoria. Since it was Sunday the meter parking was free, so parked near the visitor center in downtown and took some brochures and went to Butchart Gardens.
  • After that we walked on downtown streets and saw Parliament building, Empress hotel and Inner harbor.

Day 12:

  • We wanted to see how the Island looks like and decided to explore towards north of Vancouver Island and started driving from Sidney to Nanaimo at 9:00AM in the morning. The scenic drive was very very beautiful, filled with green maple trees, see shores and parks. We rested in some parks, parks are filled with small small creaks.
  • We also visited Gold stream nature house park, glass making house, .
  • On the we also visited Chemainus village which has beautiful murals and wine gardens.
  • Then we ended up at 3:00PM in Maffeo Sutton Park in Nanaimo. It is very beautiful park and kids played for a while.
  • Finally we started back at 5:00PM and reached to Sidney at 8:30PM.
Day 13:

  • We took another ferry from Sidney to Tsawwassen, near Vancouver in British Columbia and reached around afternoon.
  • From there we directly drove to Capilano Suspension Bridge. I always wanted to see a hanging bridge and my dream came true that day. My kids had a fun scavenger Hunt with a park ranger. Visit for more info.
  • We went back to the hotel and rested that night.

Day 14:

  • The Next day we started from the hotel around 10:30PM went to Grouse mountain which is very close to Capilano Suspension Bridge. We did a sky-ride up the hill and saw some hilarious carpenter show, bird show etc.. Then, we took a chair lift up to the top of the mountain, where we saw the Eye of The Wind. It was a breathtaking view. You can do lots of activities like zip lining, para sailing and etc. Visit for more info.
  • Then came out around 4:30PM, visited the Cleveland Dam which very close the suspension bridge again and saw the dam. Climbed down like a 1/4th mile and see the salmon fish hatchery at Capilano river. Visit for more info.


Day 15:

  • We went Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which is very close to capilano suspension bridge. But this is free, no ticket and little bit smaller, very beautiful. For more info visit
  • Then, we drove to downtown and parked there, took a sea bus to Downtown Vancouver. We walked around and  a saw a bunch of stores, did some shopping. Then, we went to the Gorgeous Stanley Park. We drove around the park, it is big park and stopped here and there to take picture. You can get good view to take picture.  didn’t get enough time to enjoy the park.
  • Finally drove back to Seattle, Washington and rested that night.
  • Watch the following youtube video for more pictures.

Day 16:

  • While coming back from Seattle to Reno, stopped at Silver Falls. There is one river which creates many water falls while flowing.  The drive to these falls is really good.  We hiked over there and see few beautiful falls.

Day 17:

  • We went to Crater Lake in Oregon. It was a must-see sight, and the kids had a lot of fun doing the Junior Ranger program.
  • Finally came back to Reno. I am not a good writer but still I just want to share my trip excitement  with you.  I hope you enjoyed as much as I do, please leave your comment or your experience

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