Road Trip To Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Part 2: Washington

Day 6:

  • We started our journey to explore Seattle, WA . We bought a ticket to go inside the Pacific Science Center in down town Seattle, WA.  This museum is for kids and adults which is for entertainment and education. One day is not enough, so much stuff to learn and see.
    This is the link to Science center
  • We got a ticket to the Space Needle, which is next to the Science center. We took a lift to go to the to. We enjoyed pretty views of Seattle from the space needle. Visit for more info
  • There is a glass museum too next to the science center, but we didn’t get enough time to see it.


Day 7:

  • We started our day to see downtown underground in the morning. We bought tickets for show and the show took about 2 hours, it depends on waiting time too. Visit for more info.
  • From there we went to the water park and  kids enjoyed the hot day in the water park.

Day 8:

  • We started our journey to visit flight museum. It is so cool and lot to learn. but definitely one day is not enough. Kids had so much fun. The museum is free after 5:00PM. Visit for more info.
  • Later that day around 3:00PM we drove to Tacoma to see Tacoma glass museum. It was a pretty drive and visited the glass museum.

Day 9:

  • We started our day to visit Mount Rainier National park.  We drove up to Visitor Center and parked our car then took a free bus to go up to the top of the mountain.  The drive to top was very nice and relaxing. There were couple of stops in between, just get down and see the location and enjoy surroundings then take a bust and got to the next stop and did the same thing. It was a must-see sight. You can do lot more than this. Visit the for more information.

Day 10:

  • Because of our time constraint, We decided to drive Canada. We drove from Seattle to Anacortes, then took a ferry from Anacortes to Victoria, Canada. You can take your car with you, that is cool. Must take ferry to see breath taking scenic view. The ferry ride was 3 hours long, We docked in Victoria, then drove to our hotel in Sidney.


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