Trip to Dubai

My own experience to Dubai:

Day 1:

  • We landed on Dubai in the morning at 11:00 AM and then we went to our hotel, we refreshed, ate lunch and relaxed for 2 hours. We started to explore Dubai around 2:00 PM. We called a taxi (cab) from the hotel and went to the Dubai mall. Visit


  • We roamed around the mall from one end to another and did some shopping, ate some food. We bought a ticket to go the tallest building in the world, “Burj Khalifa”. It is so beautiful, and you can see all of Dubai. Visit for more info.


  • We saw a beautiful water fountain show in the night at Dubai mall.

Day 2:

  • We booked a private city package which includes dessert safari, city tour and hatta mountain trip. Our city tour started at 10:30AM and we visited Jumeira Mosque, Jumaira Beach which is a very beautiful beach with soft, fine and white sand with light turquoise water, Burj Al Arab, which a very luxury hotel, The palm Island (Atlantis hotel) which is a man-made Island with dark blue water, Dubai Marina which is a beautiful view with skyscrapers and many more. We came back to our hotel around 3:00PM.



  • We rested for a while then the tour guy came again and took us to “Dubai Creek” , which is a beautiful place and has many historical buildings along the pavement. We took a water taxi (1 dirhams per person) and took a 10 minute ride. It was so much fun to ride; you can touch the water with your hands. We Enjoyed the beautiful view of the creek until dark and came back to our hotel again.

Day 3:

  • We started our day around 10:00 to 11:00 AM with the Hatta mountain trip. This tour goes from Dubai to Hatta with a completely different landscape than Dubai. In the middle of the tour, my son did sand quadding. It’s his favorite memory from the trip. Hatta filled with beautiful views of Dessert Mountains. We saw a heritage village and a Portuguese fort and the Hatta dam. It was a Beautiful trip and enjoyed a lot and came back to Dubai around 4 to 5 PM.



  • We refreshed for a while and started to explore a desert safari. This was my most favorite trip. The tour guide drove us on sand dunes. The ride was very thrilling, After that we rode on a camel, that was our first ride on a camel. My daughter was so scared! It was only few minutes, but we really had good time. From there we went to the belly dance show. We were entertained with food and music.


Day 4:

  • We called a taxi and went to the train station. We bought an all-day pass. We rode the train from one end to the other once, and then we dropped off in each station and spent some time there, and then went back to another station and did the same thing until we got tired. We enjoyed it a lot.


  • We went back to our hotel and relaxed. Then, we went to the gold souk bazar. There were so many gold shops. It was amazing. .

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