About US

Hi, I am an average citizen like you and love to travel. Visiting beautiful nature and historical sites are so interesting and fun to me. I have a captivating eye when it comes to travel and photography, and I would love to share my thoughts and experiences on this site. I have had so many experiences, and would love to share them with you.

6 thoughts on “About US

  1. Glad you stopped by and checked out my blog – I look forward to checking out some of your trips. Hoover dam is pretty cool – have not seen, must visit next time I drive up to Vegas!

      • Oh, then I hope it is ok to ask a question about Oregon Caves here, since I can’t comment on the blog. Can one also visit on his/her own or you can only enter with a tour?

      • To enter inside the caves, you have to buy a ticket then the tour guide take you with a group. It is very dark inside and they don’t allow you to go alone, There is chance to get lost.

        To go to caves, you don’t have to go with the tour, you can drive and enjoy the views outside the caves. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions. Mean while I can see how to turn on my comments.

        Thank you.


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