Lake Tahoe Waterfalls

Lake Tahoe is borders to California and Nevada state in USA.

Day1 : Eagle Falls :

We started our day around 10:00 AM from Reno,NV. The drive takes about 1hr 30mins to reach the Bay View Campground, CA (Lake Tahoe). There is a mandatory parking ticket to park the car in parking lot, so we parked outside the road little bit far from the picnic area and walked to upper Eagle falls. The hike up took about 45 minutes to go up to the falls. They were breathtaking.  As we went up to the to the falls, we saw a beautiful view of lake Tahoe. It was so serene. The color of the lake was very beautiful.It was a deep, pacific blue. Visit for more info.


We hiked from Eagle falls to the upper eagle lake. The hike was not difficult, but with the kids, it took about an hour. We had a lot of fun climbing up the rocks. My son specifically loved it. We swam in the lake for a while. The water was pretty cold, so I would recommend going in the summertime. We stayed there for a little while, and the kids really enjoyed it.  After that, we began to hike back to Eagle falls.


We walked to lower eagle falls to see the lower falls. These falls were beautiful too. There were actually people that went down to the bottom of the falls and rafted and swam, but we didn’t.


Day2 : Cascade waterfalls :

We drove to Cascade falls, CA (Lake Tahoe) around 11:00AM. We parked our car in the parking lot and started hiking to reach Cascade Falls. Visit for more info. The hike takes about 30 to 45 min. There were a lot of trees and rocks,  My kids loved it, and the hike was, of course a must-see sight.  It was very relaxing hike.


We enjoyed the breathtaking views of the  lake, mountains and pine trees. The Water falls were very beautiful; the creek was filled with a large mass of water. June is the best time to see the water falls. The snow starts melting and creates a beautiful, heavy waterfall and the weather is amazing for hiking too.


We spend like 2 hours around the waterfall. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the creek. They splashed around and were really upset when it was time to leave.


Day3 : Glen Alpine falls 

We started driving to Glen Alpine falls around 11:00 AM. The road is a one lane road and it is very narrow. Visit for more info. There is no real parking lot, but there is some space to park near the road.  The falls are long, wide and beautiful. The creek is beautiful too. The kids enjoyed it a lot.


We walked up to see Lilly Lake. The lake was really magnificent. The walk takes about 15 to 20 mins. The kids had a lot of fun, but it was c0ld. They could  barely put a foot in the water.


We came back to the falls and played a lot in the creek. The creek was very beautiful. It was like watching beautiful, glimmering water fun down at a constant rate.


Day4 : Horsetail falls :

We started around 11:00AM to see horsetail falls near South Lake Tahoe. We parked our car and started hiking to see the horsetail falls. First we saw small cute water falls. They are so pretty and the kids played in them for few minutes. It was very fun, according to them.


Then walked few more minutes to see another small falls. These are also pretty, and we really enjoyed them. There were lots of little waterfalls along the hike.


Then we walked for about 2 hours, and finally reached the horsetail falls. But the walk wasn’t boring at all. We enjoyed every second. The creek was very beautiful and the views are magnificent. I can’t describe it in words, but it is a must-see sight.




Trip to Dubai

My own experience to Dubai:

Day 1:

  • We landed on Dubai in the morning at 11:00 AM and then we went to our hotel, we refreshed, ate lunch and relaxed for 2 hours. We started to explore Dubai around 2:00 PM. We called a taxi (cab) from the hotel and went to the Dubai mall. Visit


  • We roamed around the mall from one end to another and did some shopping, ate some food. We bought a ticket to go the tallest building in the world, “Burj Khalifa”. It is so beautiful, and you can see all of Dubai. Visit for more info.


  • We saw a beautiful water fountain show in the night at Dubai mall.

Day 2:

  • We booked a private city package which includes dessert safari, city tour and hatta mountain trip. Our city tour started at 10:30AM and we visited Jumeira Mosque, Jumaira Beach which is a very beautiful beach with soft, fine and white sand with light turquoise water, Burj Al Arab, which a very luxury hotel, The palm Island (Atlantis hotel) which is a man-made Island with dark blue water, Dubai Marina which is a beautiful view with skyscrapers and many more. We came back to our hotel around 3:00PM.



  • We rested for a while then the tour guy came again and took us to “Dubai Creek” , which is a beautiful place and has many historical buildings along the pavement. We took a water taxi (1 dirhams per person) and took a 10 minute ride. It was so much fun to ride; you can touch the water with your hands. We Enjoyed the beautiful view of the creek until dark and came back to our hotel again.

Day 3:

  • We started our day around 10:00 to 11:00 AM with the Hatta mountain trip. This tour goes from Dubai to Hatta with a completely different landscape than Dubai. In the middle of the tour, my son did sand quadding. It’s his favorite memory from the trip. Hatta filled with beautiful views of Dessert Mountains. We saw a heritage village and a Portuguese fort and the Hatta dam. It was a Beautiful trip and enjoyed a lot and came back to Dubai around 4 to 5 PM.



  • We refreshed for a while and started to explore a desert safari. This was my most favorite trip. The tour guide drove us on sand dunes. The ride was very thrilling, After that we rode on a camel, that was our first ride on a camel. My daughter was so scared! It was only few minutes, but we really had good time. From there we went to the belly dance show. We were entertained with food and music.


Day 4:

  • We called a taxi and went to the train station. We bought an all-day pass. We rode the train from one end to the other once, and then we dropped off in each station and spent some time there, and then went back to another station and did the same thing until we got tired. We enjoyed it a lot.


  • We went back to our hotel and relaxed. Then, we went to the gold souk bazar. There were so many gold shops. It was amazing. .

Road Trip to Las Vegas and Arizona Trip 2013

My own experience from Reno to Arizona:

Day 1:

  • We started on June 19th at morning 10:00AM with a cup of star bucks coffee, with full gas just had filled at Costco. We set our GPS with shortest route preference to destination to Las Vegas, NV. Our goal was to reach Vegas in between 6 to 7PM.
  • After we drove about 3 hours we directed to take a side route which is not a highway, we drove like 18 miles, there was a paved road. We took that and drove about 7 to 8 miles, we were ended up in a dessert, we found out that because of our short route preference the GPS navigated to that place. We were kind of scared and ate some fruits and snacks and looked our gas bar. It was showing that we could go like 40 miles.
  • We reversed our van back and with the help of small land marks like small black mounts and red dirt, we were able to find our way back to highway 95 and changed our GPS route preference to short route with highways.
  • Finally we came to Tonopah, NV at around 2:00PM including missed routes and rest room breaks. We ate our lunch, filled the gas again and started driving at around 3:00PM and reached to Las Vegas at around 7:00PM.
  • Since we already booked our hotel though internet, we came to the hotel, ate dinner and rested well that night.
  • Visit the website below to book your tickets, It is really cool and  you can get a hotel room for  cheaper prices.


Day 2:

  • We started our second 06/20/2013 day around 9:00AM with good breakfast and a cup of star bucks coffee to explore Vegas in day time. We parked our car at Luxor casino and roamed inside casino then took the tram to Mandalay Bay hotel then from there we went to Excalibur and went back to our car.
  • We took the car and went to  Bellagio hotel. We parked the car and took the bridge to Paris Paris, New York New York hotels, did some shopping and enjoyed awesome interior designs inside each casino. Since it was hot outside, we stayed inside the casinos and enjoyed the shops and amusement centers.
  • Got tired and went back to hotel again and rested enough.  We didn’t want to miss the Vegas night beauty and life, so we started again and walked on Las Vegas Boulevard strip and enjoyed the musical water fountain. Must see the Vegas strip at night. Strip filled with tourists, lights, music, food, shops and etc. Finally we drove the strip more than 2 times from one end to other and went back to hotel and rested well.



Day 3:

  • As usual we started at 9:00AM with good McDonalds breakfast and cup of star bucks coffee and started driving towards hoover dam. We reached there at 11:00AM and walked the bridge, It is very beautiful and must see the construction and the view. Then we booked the 12:00PM tour and watched a documentary film on how it was made, and then  saw the power generators that are constructed all the way down
  • We ate lunch and started driving to see the west rim of Grand Canyon, setup our GPS to go west rim.
  • We missed the route and arrived to Kingman and stopped at gas station and asked the salesman, He gave us a map then again we setup the GPS and started driving on route 66, then after an hour we realized that we were not in the right path and stopped at a Indian gift shop and asked him, he said we were completely in wrong direction and he also said that GPS always navigates there for the west rim. Got disappointed for a while but route 66 is a historic route and very beautiful, we really enjoyed this scenic route even though we missed the west rim completely.
  • We changed the GPS to navigate us North rim of Grand Canyon and reached to Williams between 6:00PM to 7:00PM. We didn’t book our hotel, so we were looking for hotels and final got at the 3rd try. Since it was Friday was little bit hard to get a hotel.

Tips:  Be prepare for the trip with good maps, Google or MapQuest directions.

Research all the blogs website that relates to your trip.

Fill gas tank and get some snacks and drinks before you start




Day 4:

  • We started from Williams to Grand Canyon, took around an hour.  We walked through the forest and stayed there until sunset. Grand Canyon is amazingly beautiful. Must see grand canyon during sunset.
  • But after my trip I heard that the route from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon is really beautiful but we missed it. We couldn’t cover well enough to see Grand Canyon. To enjoy the beauty of it, we need to stay more days I guess.


You can enjoy watching my video at youtube. This is a photo slide show.

Road Tip to Oregon, Washington, and Canada: Part 3: Canada

Day 11:

  • We took a ferry from Anacortes to Sidney near Victoria in Vancouver Island. Must take the ferry, the travel  is very beautiful with all the small small Islands.

We booked our hotel one night before through the following website.

  • We went to our hotel, refreshed and took some rest. Then we started our journey to explore downtown Victoria. Since it was Sunday the meter parking was free, so parked near the visitor center in downtown and took some brochures and went to Butchart Gardens.
  • After that we walked on downtown streets and saw Parliament building, Empress hotel and Inner harbor.

Day 12:

  • We wanted to see how the Island looks like and decided to explore towards north of Vancouver Island and started driving from Sidney to Nanaimo at 9:00AM in the morning. The scenic drive was very very beautiful, filled with green maple trees, see shores and parks. We rested in some parks, parks are filled with small small creaks.
  • We also visited Gold stream nature house park, glass making house, .
  • On the we also visited Chemainus village which has beautiful murals and wine gardens.
  • Then we ended up at 3:00PM in Maffeo Sutton Park in Nanaimo. It is very beautiful park and kids played for a while.
  • Finally we started back at 5:00PM and reached to Sidney at 8:30PM.
Day 13:

  • We took another ferry from Sidney to Tsawwassen, near Vancouver in British Columbia and reached around afternoon.
  • From there we directly drove to Capilano Suspension Bridge. I always wanted to see a hanging bridge and my dream came true that day. My kids had a fun scavenger Hunt with a park ranger. Visit for more info.
  • We went back to the hotel and rested that night.

Day 14:

  • The Next day we started from the hotel around 10:30PM went to Grouse mountain which is very close to Capilano Suspension Bridge. We did a sky-ride up the hill and saw some hilarious carpenter show, bird show etc.. Then, we took a chair lift up to the top of the mountain, where we saw the Eye of The Wind. It was a breathtaking view. You can do lots of activities like zip lining, para sailing and etc. Visit for more info.
  • Then came out around 4:30PM, visited the Cleveland Dam which very close the suspension bridge again and saw the dam. Climbed down like a 1/4th mile and see the salmon fish hatchery at Capilano river. Visit for more info.


Day 15:

  • We went Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which is very close to capilano suspension bridge. But this is free, no ticket and little bit smaller, very beautiful. For more info visit
  • Then, we drove to downtown and parked there, took a sea bus to Downtown Vancouver. We walked around and  a saw a bunch of stores, did some shopping. Then, we went to the Gorgeous Stanley Park. We drove around the park, it is big park and stopped here and there to take picture. You can get good view to take picture.  didn’t get enough time to enjoy the park.
  • Finally drove back to Seattle, Washington and rested that night.
  • Watch the following youtube video for more pictures.

Day 16:

  • While coming back from Seattle to Reno, stopped at Silver Falls. There is one river which creates many water falls while flowing.  The drive to these falls is really good.  We hiked over there and see few beautiful falls.

Day 17:

  • We went to Crater Lake in Oregon. It was a must-see sight, and the kids had a lot of fun doing the Junior Ranger program.
  • Finally came back to Reno. I am not a good writer but still I just want to share my trip excitement  with you.  I hope you enjoyed as much as I do, please leave your comment or your experience

Road Trip To Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Part 2: Washington

Day 6:

  • We started our journey to explore Seattle, WA . We bought a ticket to go inside the Pacific Science Center in down town Seattle, WA.  This museum is for kids and adults which is for entertainment and education. One day is not enough, so much stuff to learn and see.
    This is the link to Science center
  • We got a ticket to the Space Needle, which is next to the Science center. We took a lift to go to the to. We enjoyed pretty views of Seattle from the space needle. Visit for more info
  • There is a glass museum too next to the science center, but we didn’t get enough time to see it.


Day 7:

  • We started our day to see downtown underground in the morning. We bought tickets for show and the show took about 2 hours, it depends on waiting time too. Visit for more info.
  • From there we went to the water park and  kids enjoyed the hot day in the water park.

Day 8:

  • We started our journey to visit flight museum. It is so cool and lot to learn. but definitely one day is not enough. Kids had so much fun. The museum is free after 5:00PM. Visit for more info.
  • Later that day around 3:00PM we drove to Tacoma to see Tacoma glass museum. It was a pretty drive and visited the glass museum.

Day 9:

  • We started our day to visit Mount Rainier National park.  We drove up to Visitor Center and parked our car then took a free bus to go up to the top of the mountain.  The drive to top was very nice and relaxing. There were couple of stops in between, just get down and see the location and enjoy surroundings then take a bust and got to the next stop and did the same thing. It was a must-see sight. You can do lot more than this. Visit the for more information.

Day 10:

  • Because of our time constraint, We decided to drive Canada. We drove from Seattle to Anacortes, then took a ferry from Anacortes to Victoria, Canada. You can take your car with you, that is cool. Must take ferry to see breath taking scenic view. The ferry ride was 3 hours long, We docked in Victoria, then drove to our hotel in Sidney.


Road trip to Oregon, Washington, and Canada: Part 1: Oregon

My own experience from Reno ( in Nevada,US) to British Columbia (in Canada).

Day 1:

  • We drove from Reno to Oregon on 6/30/12 around 8:00AM. It took 6 to 7 hours including traffic, lunch, coffee break and rest stops. Our destination was Oregon Caves National monument. We booked a motel through at Cave Junction previous night, and reached the hotel around 2 to 2:30PM. We relaxed an hour and begin our trip to see Oregon Caves. It is very beautiful road trip with stunning and welcoming views of big and tall trees. We reached there in 45 mins. Must see a forest when it was drizzling, it was filled with a mist, can’t describe the beauty of that place in words.  We bought a cave tour ticket which was at 4:30PM, until then we hiked down through the forest, visited very old around a century hotel and a gift shop. We attended the tour, and learned about the founder of the caves, why he found it, about the caves. Finally came back to the motel to rest that night. You can find the link to Oregon Caves National Monument below.


Day 2:

  • Again we started our journey at 8:30AM from the motel to Gold Beach. We reached the gold beach around 11:00AM, during the drive we stopped hear and there to take the pictures. The coastal drive was very beautiful we enjoyed the drive from Bookings to Newport. We forgot about our busy life and just enjoyed the breath taking views from Reno to British Columbia. If anybody gets a chance please visit them.
  • We reached to Gold Beach, which is filled with grayish volcanic rocky beach, which was filled with lot of fishers. You can buy a ticket for a boat ride at “JERRYS ROUGUE JETS”, but we didn’t do this because of the time constraint. We had our lunch and roamed around the beach from 1:00PM to 1:30PM, then we started driving towards “Sand Dunes Frontier”.
  • we reached the sand dunes around 4:30PM. Look careful for the signs to go this place, because it is easy to miss this place due to the trees. We missed it first time and came back by following the signs, it takes around two and half hours. We took the Sand rail tour, it was a thrilling, must have experience on sand dunes. I never had one before, and got special event in my life.  In between Gold Beach and sand dunes, there were some signs about sand boarding and sand sliding, you can visit them if you are interested. We didn’t have much time. The following link takes you to the
  • Then, we drove  to Newport, Oregon within an hour and stayed at a hotel near the beach.


Day 3:

  • We started our journey with Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon around 9:00AM.  There were a lot of cool animals and the kids had so much fun!
  • Around 12:30PM, we visited the Yaquina bay old lighthouse and learned the history of it. After that kids played at the beach near the light house. The beach was very nice with fine sand. The kids played for a while.
  • Then, we waded down to the new yaquina bay beach light house, we climbed up to the top of the light house, which is free. It was sooo cool, then went to tidal pool which is close to the light house and saw different kinds of fish.  I don’t think these kind of fish any where else.

Below are the links for new and old Yaquina bay light houses.


Day 4:

  • We started our day trip to Portland at 10:00AM. We went Jet boating at Willamette Jet boating, located at the back of Oregon Museum of Science and Institute in Portland, Oregon. It was a fun boat tour took a round trip about 3 to 4 hours the submarine tour, we ate our lunch at a floating house which was included in the boat trip.
  • After the boating trip we visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Institute in Portland, Oregon. This is a very good museum for kids and adults, one day is not enough and there is so much to learn and experiment. Then, we went to the OMSIMAX theater inside the museum.
  • Later, we took the submarine tour which is part of the museum visit. We got to see the whole submarine inside and outside and learned how soldiers stay inside, then we went back to the museum and stayed until it was closed. Must see it, lots of things in one place. One day is not enough.
  • Finally we went to the Royal Rosenian Garden, which is free and beautiful. The roses were beautiful.


Day 5:

  • We started  our journey from Portland to Multnomah falls around 8:00AM and reached to the falls at 11:00AM. It was a beautiful sight that you must see.  We hiked up to the top of the falls which fall from 620 feet above.
  • Then, we went to horsetail falls to relax.  Usually to the waterfalls, we need to either walk or hike to the falls. Most of the time falls are in the mountains, not very easy to see them. But these 2 falls are very easy, you can just drive up to them.
  • We also went to The Vista House Crown point.  It is located on top of the hill. So just a drive from horsetail falls to top of the hill. It is a very beautiful scenic drive.
  • We drove little  bit further, then  we hiked about half a mile to see the 5 mountain peaks ( mt jefferson, mt adams, mt rainier, mt helens, and mt baker)
  • Then, we drove to Seattle, WA.

You can find more info about the vista house crown point


You can enjoy watching my video at youtube.  This is a photo slide show.